The Eastern Africa Diaspora Business Council (EADBC) is a US-based non-governmental, membership-based organization established in 2013 to promote the Diaspora’s role in the delivery of technology solutions for development challenges by leveraging trade and investment partnerships between the United States and the greater East Africa region. EADBC represents professional, institutional, business and student memberships from Eastern Africa countries and the US - embodying expertise and investments in several key sectors including in ICT, Engineering, Energy, Agriculture, Environment, Education, International Trade and Development, Policy and Health Care.

EADBC engages closely with key industry and intergovernmental agencies to provide a platform for transfer of Diaspora knowledge and skills through consultancy opportunities as well as recruitment of Diaspora to the private sectors.  We provide a medium for Eastern Africans in the Diaspora to build public and private partnerships with entities in the US for synergistic business development opportunities in Africa. EADBC forges strategic partnerships to nurture individual and institutional potential to impact regional economics in East Africa, and to build feasible cooperation and effective forum for discussion on key development issues and activities through core sector platforms and programs.