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EADBC and Partner organizations spend a lot of time building capacity and identifying ways they can benefit their members. Here below you will find the different EADBC programs that help us achieve our goals. 

The Partnership Building Program provides a platform for Eastern Africans in Diaspora to build strategic alliances with entities in the US and East Africa. Public and private partnerships with the Diaspora enhance US business opportunities in a competitive African market through synergistic business ventures. To achieve this goal, EADBC and its partners will host trade and investment forums; facilitate trade missions between government and private sector partners.

The EADBC seeks to continue on the path of nurturing individual and institutional potential to impact regional economics through the CBP platform. The CBP affords more Eastern Africans the opportunity to contribute to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and other key areas. With the help of our strategic partners, we seek to expose Diaspora students to internships and work experience and capacity-building opportunities.

Transfer of Culture, Knowledge, and Technology is a program of the Eastern Africa Diaspora Business Council that aims to increase the transfer of Diaspora knowledge and skills to their countries of origin through consultancy opportunities as well as recruitment of Diaspora to the private sectors.  The program works to achieve this through partnerships with Diaspora organizations and US government agencies.

Voice on the Table is a program that activates initiates feasible cooperation with key players and affords a medium for discussion on development issues and activities; lobbying, campaigning and advocacy for policies and practices that enhance the Diaspora’s involvement in development.